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What is Moroccan Tea?

In Morocco, tea is more than just a drink. It is woven deeply into the national culture. Tea was introduced to Morocco in the 18th century through expansion of overseas trade with Asia. Now, mint tea has become the national drink of Morocco. An offer of Moroccan tea is both a sign of hospitality, and essential to the start of many gatherings. It is a vital part of family and social life - and the perfect way to ease the stresses of your day.

The staple ingredient of Moroccan tea is mint. Perhaps surprisingly, most Moroccan tea also includes Chinese green tea leaves as a core ingredient. In fact, Morocco is one of the largest importers of Chinese green tea in the world.

Is it often customary for Moroccan mint tea to be prepared by the male or female head of a family – a tradition that is passed down through generations. The ceremonial preparation of Moroccan tea is nearly as important as enjoying the drink itself, and provides a warm sense of hospitality. The height from which the preparer pours Moroccan tea into a glass is seen as a sign of their skill with the tradition.

What are the Types of Moroccan Tea?


We source only the finest native Moroccan Nana mint for our organic Atay. We then carefully blend it with the best Shara green tea to bring you the perfect balance of flavors: an ideal drink to unwind and soothe the body and mind. While Atay is enjoyable at any time of day, it’s always best when served with family and friends.


Nana is a species of mint native to Morocco, that is unlike any other mint. It has a very fragrant aroma and sweet taste. Our organic Nana mint is grown in Morocco and carefully prepared to preserve its delicate flavor and health-giving properties. Naturally caffeine-free, Nana mint herbal tea is delightful at any time of the day, though it’s most beneficial in the morning and after meals.


Louiza is a traditional Moroccan lemon verbena. Herb dealers in the souks of Morocco are renowned for sourcing the finest ingredients, including lemon verbena, which is sought after for its many health-giving properties. For centuries, Moroccans have used Louiza as a therapeutic tea. Known for its refreshing lemony scent and flavor, it is traditionally used to support healthy digestion.


Sheeba – (Absinthium or Tree wormwood) is enjoyed for its bitter quality and medicinal properties, but when steeped with green tea it is very aromatic. Although mint tea is Morocco’s favorite, in the winter if mint is rare Sheeba is substituted for or used to complement the mint, giving the tea a distinct bitter flavor. Letting the Sheeba steep in hot water before using it and adding sugar will counter the bitterness.


Flio – (Pennyroyal) is another favored herb from the mint family that is used to flavor Moroccan tea. Flio has a very pungent mint aroma and taste and is sometimes added to Atay to give it a uniquely strong flavor.

Whether you’re entertaining friends or just relaxing at home, our teas will give you an authentic taste of Morocco.