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Mina, the Moroccan matriarch behind the wonderful flavors of Mina Harissa and Mina Shakshuka sauces.


Mina is the essence of culinary Morocco, where culture is passed down through generations via stories and recipes.
A modern brand to complement any kitchen, Mina blends the taste of the traditional tagine with a passion for spirited, adventurous palates. A true Moroccan matriarch whose journey of family, food and flavorful fun is now the world's to savor. 

As a young girl, Mina managed the cooking for ten younger siblings, artfully transforming her mother's recipes with a naturally talented touch. Eventually she would trade the wild aromas of Morocco’s souks for Paris and its refined French cuisine, taking on training that would later prepare her to surprise some of the world’s most outspoken critics with deliciously diverse dishes. Finally, Mina landed in New York where for years she served her authentic specialties as one of the city’s most creative private caterers.

Now, the bold heritage of her famed dishes is a celebrated staple in the global cook’s pantry. And the Mina brand, like the chef herself, continues its journey to make more meals more Moroccan, with a growing range of delicious harissa, tagine and shakshuka sauces. 

Come with us and explore what Mina can make with you. We have an assortment of delicious recipes ready and waiting for you to try with our collection of Mina sauces..

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