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Mina Harissa blends together 6 simple, all-natural ingredients - chili pepper, bell pepper, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, a splash of vinegar, and a dash of salt.

Harissa is the most common condiment within North African cuisine. Every region - even every family - has their own recipe, but they all agree on one key factor - harissa's main ingredient is chili peppers.

Chili peppers were introduced to North Africa through Morocco during the Spanish occupation in the 16th century. These fierce and robust peppers, originally from Latin America, charmed Morocco's population in such a way that they quickly became a precious culinary component across the whole Maghreb region.

Morocco's sunshine and arid climate, as well as the abundance of olive oil, have provided the perfect conditions for the development of harissa.

The name 'harissa' comes from the Arabic word 'haris', which means to crush, referring to the action of crushing the chilies.

Mina first learned the art of cooking from her dear mother: at 16 she tasted her next-door neighbor's homemade harissa and fell in love with the fiery red sauce. From a thick spreadable consistency, Mina played and experimented with the recipe until she made it uniquely hers.

Mina's harissa recipe hasn't changed over the years. She still uses the same few ingredients to create her harissa.

In fact, Mina's harissa is free from preservatives or any unnecessary ingredients to allow a genuine and homemade experience. It is also versatile and user-friendly to enable a perfect combination with any of your dishes. Mina offers you a clean and pure version of harissa that includes just a few ingredients and enough heat to invigorate your meals.


The Harissa Journey

Harissa is a recent culinary discovery by chefs across America, France and the United Kingdom and has replaced its distant cousin, sriracha, the American hot-sauce. Appearing on classic and contemporary menus as the star condiment, it goes just as well with New Zealand lamb as it does with Southern barbecued chicken, scallops Provencal or a vegetable tagine with couscous.

Whether you choose the iconic original harissa, or the equally delicious mild or green varieties, the Mina harissa collection will transform your meal into a culinary journey. Why not check out some of our delicious recipes for some ideas on how to utilise our versatile assortment of sauces?